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One of the toughest parts about preparing for a backpacking trip is planning for the weather, even when the trip is several months out.

It can be impossible to find accurate forecasts more than a few days ahead of time. However, it can definitely help to look at historical weather patterns in your trip destination over the past few years, to get a sense of what may be in store.

Normally, it takes a lot of clicking around through historical weather data archives to scrape all of this information together. That's why I decided to create a simple tool that pulls in historical weather data for an area for the past 3 years, so you can easily look it up, all in one place.

The data is sourced from Weather Underground, and the tool attempts to find the nearest weather station, based on the location you type in. If you want to learn more about a particular year, click the title above it to be taken to the full month's historical weather report on the Weather Underground website.

The usual disclaimer applies about how this is merely for reference and you should make smart decisions about what to pack based on your skills and itinerary.

Need help understanding dew point and barometric pressure? I wrote a quick and handy guide to reading detailed weather reports for hikers and backpackers that you should check out.

Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference. I've used it a bunch of times for planning my own trips already.

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